Moment of Madness

The band creates a sound that ranges from dark breakdowns to clear, melodic vocal passages, crafting a multi-layered sonic landscape that captivates you. They capture stories and emotions, skillfully expressing them in their song lyrics. These lyrics are like an open book, where the audience can find themselves in their own way. Immerse yourself in the world of MOMENT OF MADNESS and experience the combination of captivating music and profound lyrics that engage your senses and leave room for personal interpretation.

MOMENT OF MADNESS was founded in 2018 by Stefan Wittwer (drums), Ivo Gäumann (lead guitar/vocals), and Andrea Leandro Perin (metal vocals). For these three longtime friends, there’s no better feeling than making music together and sharing it with their audience.

In the summer of 2023, the band performed at the „Greenfield Festival“ in Interlaken, Switzerland, the country’s largest metal festival, marking a significant milestone for the band. After a tour through Switzerland in early 2023, the band returned to the studio and recorded new music. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

The Band

Andrea Leandro Perin

Andrea Leandro Perin

metal vocals

«Making music with my friends is a dream coming true. I’ve always been a fan of heavy music combined with melodic parts and clean vocals. When it comes down to writing lyrics I often process personal experiences and I try to leave some space for the listener’s own interpretation»

Ivo Gaeumann

Ivo Gaeumann

lead guitar and clean vocals

«Creating and playing music with my boys is my biggest passion. Being in a band with my best friends, that is an experience which I am endlessly thankful for.”Whether it is rock, pop, metal or techno, I do like a lot of genres. Music has always been and still is a big part in my life.»

Stefan Wittwer

Stefan Wittwer


«Over the years this band became one of the most important things in my life. When it comes to writing music, I like processing experiences and emotions. Having the opportunity to perform our music live on stage with my best friends next to me is something that I am really grateful for.»

«An energetic sound on stage and an exhilarating vibe that you can literally feel»

upcoming Shows

Metal Rebirth

16.09.2023 | Stans

Location: Senkel, Schwibogen 4, 6370 Stans

Starttime: 18:30

Eye See You-Festival

25.11.2023 | Boswil

Location: Chillout Boswil, Zentralstrasse 7, 5623 Boswil

Starttime: 20:00

Bullhead Festival

08.03.2024-10.03.2024 | Luzern

Location: Konzerthaus Schüür, Tribschenstrasse 1, 6005 Luzern

Starttime: 18:00