An energetic sound with melodics guitar riffs and gripping lyrics.
That is Moment Of Madness!

Ivo Gäumann: lead guitar & clean vocals / Andrea Leandro Perin: metal vocals / Stefan Wittwer: drums / p.p. Sergio Rui: rhythm guitar

Moment of Madness is a metalcore band from Baselland (CH). With their performance at this year’s metal festival «Openair Graenichen» (CH) and over 25’000 monthly listeners on Spotify over the last 6 months they can look back on an exciting year 2022.

The band plays its own sound and attributes itself to the metalcore genre. Experiences and emotions from the bands daily life are being processed in the lyrics. The written lines specifically leave space for the listeners own interpretation.

Moment of Madness was founded in 2018 by Stefan Wittwer (drums), Andrea Leandro Perin (metal vocals) and Ivo Gäumann (leadguitar/ vocals). That same year Jonas Brandenberger (rhythm guitar) joined the band.

On their social media platforms, the band provides insights on their daily life and explains in behind-the-scenes videos how the songs and lyrics were written.


Moment of Madness


22. September 2022

1. The End Of The World
2. Invincible
3. Restless
4. Vulnerability


2019 Clouds (LP)
2020 In The End (single)
2021 Guiding Light (EP)
2022 Vulnerability (EP)

Baselland, Switzerland


Andrea Leandro Perin

Frontman and metal vocals

«Making music with my friends is a dream coming true. I’ve always been a fan of heavy music combined with melodic parts and clean vocals. When it comes down to writing lyrics I often process personal experiences and I try to leave some space for the listener’s own interpretation»

Ivo Gaeumann

Lead guitarist and clean vocals

“Creating and playing music with my boys is my biggest passion. Being in a band with my best friends, that is an experience which I am endlessly thankful for.”Whether it is rock, pop, metal or techno, I do like a lot of genres. Music has always been and still is a big part in my life.”

Jonas Brandenberger

Rhythm guitarist

“The metalcore genre is one of my favorites to play and listen to. Having the opportunity to perform our music live is always a unique experience. Being a creative musician is something that is very important to me, something that fulfills me. I listen to a lot of different genres.”

Stefan Wittwer


«Over the years this band became one of the most important things in my life. When it comes to writing music, I like processing experiences and emotions. Having the opportunity to perform our music live on stage with my best friends next to me is something that I am really grateful for.»