«Sometimes we imagine that our thoughts are just like little clouds. Some of them carry positive, happy thoughts. Others make us feel bad and unwell. In life it is important to know where you want to go. The right handling with difficult situations is not always easy. Often an answer to a question is found by making mistakes. That is one thing that we learned.»

Jonas Brandenberger: Rhythm Guitar / Ivo Gäumann: Lead Guitar / Stefan Wittwer: Drums / Andrea Perin: Vocals

««Clouds» tells stories and experiences about our lifes. From time to time we all experience a difficult period of life and the loss of people who we feel close to. Through the lyrics we express how we overcame uncomfortable emotions.

This album is a confrontation with ourselves and what we experience every day». In November 2015 «Moment of Madness» was founded by Stefan Wittwer (Drums), Ivo Gäumann (Leadguitar) and Andrea Leandro Perin (Vocals). In the middle of 2018 Jonas Brandenberger (Rhythmguitar) joined the band. At that point the aim was to create an album and to play shows. In the beginning of 2019, the two singles «Screw You» und «Clouds» have been released.

In December 2019 followed the first studioalbum «Clouds». The first show «Moment of Madness» played was in September 2019 at the «youth culture music festival» in Basel, Switzerland. Shortly after that the band played their release show of the album «Clouds» at the «Sommercasino» club in Basel. In Summer 2021 the band will play «Open Air Gränichen 2021», also in Switzerland. This will be the band’s biggest show yet. Since December 2019 «Moment of Madness» works on the second studio album.

After the release of «Clouds» it has already been clear, that a second studio album will be a definite plan. With producing and creating the first album the band made a lot of helpful and interesting experiences and has now a clear vision, how the sound of the second album should sound like. In the meantime Moment of Madness did a cover of the legendary song “IN THE END”, with which they will blow non-metalheads of their feet either.»

Moment of Madness



1. Intro
2. Fiction Or Reality
3. Screw You
4. What We Seek
6. Clouds
7. All I Have Is A Memory
8. Burn
9. Decisions
10. My Own Grave
11. Saviour


2019 Clouds

Baselland, Switzerland


Andrea Lenadro Perin

Frontman and lead singer

He is always down for a joke and loves to meet new people. His profound lyrics are representative for what we stand for.

Ivo Gaeumann

Lead guitarist and background singer

​He’s a difficutie and a “superbrain” who creates badass guitar riffs and breakdowns. He always wants to improve his new ideas.

Jonas Brandenberger

Rhythm guitarist

​His likeable character brings a lot of positive energy into the band and he likes to shred guitar riffs all day long.

Since he was a little boy he has played the guitar like a pro.

Stefan Wittwer


A cheerful and funny person who likes to play the drums at full speed.Sometimes so fast, that the drums catch fire.